I have illustrated and published several books as a result of my archaeology work in Belize:

The Lamanai Guidebook
Text by scholars who have worked at the site and edited by Prof Elizabeth Graham

The Altun Ha Guidebook
Text by Dr. David M. Pendergast

Lamanai Recipe Book and Herbal Walk
by Louise Belanger and Brenda Arevalo


Lamanai Guidebook

MAYA ART from a great Maya ceremonial centre
Architectural reconstructions of MAYA TEMPLES

The archaeology site of Lamanai is on the western banks of the New river Lagoon in the Orange Walk District of Belize. It is set in an area of tropical rainforest which has been designated as a nature reserve thus ensuring an abundance of wildlife.

Three of the largest temples have been excavated, and the Lamanai Guidebook has full-colour architectural reconstructions of the different phases, from 200 B.C. to A.D. 1400.

The Lamanai Guidebook contains watercolours and technical drawings of some of the most important ceramic vessels and sculptures discovered at the site, including a very finely carved stone stela, known as Lord Smoking Shell. (Stela9).

The text is a collection of chapters with contributions from Dr. David Pendergast, Director of excavations from 1974-1987, Dr. Elizabeth Graham, current director of the Lamanai Archaeological Project, and other scholars who have worked for the project.

  • History of the site
  • Descriptions of the temple phases, with illustrations
  • The Sugar Mill
  • Spanish Churches
  • Copper at Lamanai
  • Animal figurines, paintings and photographs of vessels and artefacts from caches and burials.

This ancient ceremonial centre is among the largest in the country of Belize, and the occupation of the city spanned some 3000 years.

The tropical forest setting of the ruins adds to the mystery, and if you climb some of the larger temples, you will be rewarded with some amazing views of the surrounding landscape.

Format: A5, spiral bound book, printed in full colour on high-quality paper, with acetate covers, 106 pages.
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ISBN: 978-0-9957359-0-3


Altun Ha, Guide to the Ruins

Learn about the history of the site and the culture of the ancient Maya who lived at Altun Ha.

Discover the beautiful ceramics, and artefacts carved from jade, bone and stone that were found in caches and tombs.

The guidebook has maps and photographs of the site, illustrations of the architectural phases of many of the temples and of the varied and numerous artefacts, including the famous “Sun God” jade head, the largest carved jade object found in the Maya world.

Format: A5, spiral bound book, printed in full colour on high quality paper, with acetate covers, 52 pages.
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ISBN: 978-0-9957359-1-0

Altun Ha


Lamanai Recipe Book and Herbal Walk

A collection of recipes from the village of Indian Church which is next to the Lamanai archaeology reserve. Using local ingredients, but also those that are mostly readily available in Europe and North America, you can make traditional Belizean village dishes, with influences from Guatemala and Mexico.

Recipes and information about the local plants growing in the grounds of Lamanai Outpost Lodge and surrounding area are supplied by Brenda Arevalo, a local tour guide and resident of the village.

Format: A5, 36 pages, printed in full colour on high-quality paper. Soft cover.
Price: $14.00 + $10.00 post and packing
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Recipe book