The prices shown below are only intended as a guide as there are various options available for most of my work.

Most images can be produced to customer specification; please send details of the space in which you intend to place the artwork, or budgetary guidelines, along with any other information you feel will help.

I can provide prices for work on canvas, watercolour paper and prints.

Oil Paintings: Prints can be purchased on canvas from £70, watercolour or art paper from £20. Paintings can be produced up to 23″x 33″. Original canvases can also be purchased.

Ceramic Replicas and Sculptures: All ceramics are handmade to order. From £60.00

Lamanai Pictures: Prints can be purchased and produced up to 16½”x 23″.

Lamanai Rubbings: Stela 9
Multi-coloured – as shown – $350 US
One colour – dark blue or terracotta – $250 US

Catalogue of replicas